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20151111   An 'in' operator for Ruby?

An 'in' operator for Ruby?

I have had two fairly small changes I wanted to make in Ruby. The first was realized years ago -- hashes now preserve insertion order and iterate in a predictable way. That's fairly minor, but it did/does have some use cases, and it had no impact on performance.

Here's another one. Personally, this is a bigger thing to me.

20150825   Immutable data (ditching the wax tablet)

Immutable data (ditching the wax tablet)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Phoenix training prior to the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin. I was talking with Bruce Tate, and he shared with me some thoughts about functional programming in general.


20150727   Phoenix isn't Rails

Phoenix isn't Rails

I don't know Elixir very well at all. But I've started to learn Phoenix now. The first thing to know: Phoenix is not Ruby on Rails (nor is it "Elixir on Rails").


20150723   Ruby for Dinosaurs...

Ruby for Dinosaurs...

I have a good friend I've known since college. He was much older than I was (though now somehow we are much closer together in age). He was a mentor to me with regard to computers and other things.


20150720   Upcoming Lone Star Ruby Conference...

Upcoming Lone Star Ruby Conference...

After a short hiatus, LSRC is back! Join us in Austin next month. Speakers have just been announced.


20150717   How to turn your brain sideways

How to turn your brain sideways

If you think in OOP, as I do, then functional programming is a great way to shake your neurons out of their complacency.

20140917   Programmers and word processing

Programmers and word processing

The other day, I was thinking about the mechanics of writing. Not grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but the actual work flow involved.

Specifically, I was trying to gather my thoughts on why writing a software book using Microsoft Word is so incredibly painful. (Granted, I have used Word or similar tools to write fiction and shorter pieces.)

It wouldn't seem so at first, would it? Isn't word processing software the savior of the writer? Wouldn't we be using typewriters without it?


20140729   Elixir Conf 2014

Elixir Conf 2014

Last week in Austin, I attended the world's first Elixir conference. It was very energizing!