Ruby for Dinosaurs...

Ruby for Dinosaurs...

I have a good friend I've known since college. He was much older than I was (though now somehow we are much closer together in age). He was a mentor to me with regard to computers and other things. He was a brilliant programmer and actually wrote a C compiler in the days before the IBM PC. He's now past 70 if I am not mistaken. Lately, he says technical things make him tired.

But as a Ruby enthusiast, I felt obligated to pass on some of the insights I had in the last 16 years. Will it bring him out of retirement and get him to write code again? Maybe not. But I had been meaning for years to write this little intro, and so I finally did.

Here's the PDF of "Ruby for the Old-Time C Programmer"

If you know someone who thinks in C and never learned OOP, you might share it with that person as well. If you have comments, feel free to email me.

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