January 21
Ruby puns These are pretty bad. You've been warned.   Keep reading

December 25
The Forgotten Mathematician We all know his name... but many of us only "sort of" know it.   Keep reading

November 13
An 'in' operator for Ruby I have had two fairly small changes I wanted to make in Ruby. The first was realized years ago.    Keep reading

July 31
OK, it's not really a lost art I was surprised to learn that an old blog entry was being discussed on reddit. Maybe I should update my comments a little.   Keep reading

April 14
Working on the blogging software Everyone warned me not to go down this road. I didn't listen.   Keep reading

November 23
RubyDay was a success On November 13, I attended Ruby Day in Turin, Italy. It was well worth the trip.   Keep reading

November 10
Ruby Day in Turin, Italy I'm honored to be speaking on Friday at Ruby Day in Turin, Italy. See http://rubyday.it for the schedule.   Keep reading

September 17
Computer science as a lost art An old friend of mine asked me this in email last night...   Keep reading

August 25
Immutable data (ditching the wax tablet) A couple of weeks ago, I went to Phoenix training prior to the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin. I was talking with Bruce Tate, and he shared with me some thoughts about functional programming in general.    Keep reading

August 11
Announcement coming soon... Maybe this will stir your curiosity a little. I hope it does. I've started working on a project with someone else, and I think it will be really worthwhile.   Keep reading