The Ruby Way

Hal E. Fulton

Sams Publishing, 2001.

This book was produced with the assistance of Guy Hurst, Patrick Logan, Kevin Smith, Chad Fowler, Dave Thomas, and a host of other individuals. I am truly grateful for everything they contributed.

If you have questions, comments, or errata, feel free to send me email about it.

For those who care, I'm pleased to say that as of December 2002, there is a Japanese translation of this book. I can't read it myself; those who can are welcome to give me any feedback whatsoever.

I greatly admire whoever designed the cover. I think it is absolutely beautiful. Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

There is a web page for this book at Sams Publishing as well as entries at Barnes and Noble and at Amazon, among other sites.

If you are looking for samples or excerpts of the contents of the book, you can view or download them here:
   Table of Contents [View online in HTML]
   Introduction [View online in HTML] [Download the PDF file]
   Sample chapter [Chapter 3 Draft in HTML] [Chapter 3 in PDF form]

The errata list can be found here (current as of 19 February 2002).

Source code for the book is available both in a UNIX format and a Windows format. Besides the archive file format, the only difference in these two is the use of "native" end-of-line characters. Browse to the readme.html file in the archive.

I have some notes and updates on the book now. Nothing earth-shattering. More to come.

I've used the word "dynamicity" in several places in the book. Here's my feeble attempt at justifying this usage.

Here is the most negative review of the book that I've seen yet. Yet he seems grudgingly to like it. In any case, I present it here in the interest of fairness.

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