Outside interests

I might have a brilliant career as a developer if I weren't interesting in so many other things. I'm not a real polymath, though. That implies competence. I prefer the term polymaniac. So here goes.
My passions are music, literature, art, theatre, writing, film, math, science, computing, and humor. I don't do business-related stuff, country music, or spectator sports. I used to be into running and volleyball and fencing. I was mediocre at all of these.
I've written, produced, and directed two one-act plays. I've written ten or twelve short stories and published two of them. About half are science fiction.
I started college as a physics major before I chickened out and went into computer science. I still have a passionate interest in physics, but no real knowledge.

I'm passionate about space travel, exploration, and settlement. I belonged to the National Space Society back when it was the L5 Society. I've also been a member of the Planetary Society and various other organizations. I've met four of the twelve men who walked on the moon (as well as six or seven other astronauts). I met Elon Musk in 2009 or so, but I neglected to get a picture with him. Darn.

I played trumpet through four years of college. I was never very good. I've also studied keyboard and guitar, but was much worse at those.

I'm fascinated by languages. I have a good ear and an agile tongue, but no real gift. I took two years of German; I've also studied Italian, French, Portuguese, Esperanto, and Lojban (but to a much lesser extent). For all his faults and errors, Benjamin Whorf is a sort of hero to me.

Unlike many science-oriented people, I believe philosophy is a perfectly valid endeavor (and in fact the bedrock on which science stands). I've also had many hours of Bible coursework. If you feel like judging me for that, discuss it with me first.

More to come...