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RubyDay was a success

November 23, 2015

On November 13, I attended Ruby Day in Turin, Italy. It was well worth the trip. Like any other Ruby conference, there was an eclectic assemblage of people. I only attended the English language talks, as my knowledge of Italian is very minimal.

My own talk "Elixir for the Rubyist" was reasonably well attended and well received. I'll post a link to the slides and video later.

I was personally very impressed by Ju Liu's talk on Sonic Pi. His style of teaching was an excellent example of what I call incremental learning_ (for which there is probably a "real" term that I don't know). Additionally, it's hard to imagine anyone watching that talk and not_ wanting to play with Sonic Pi.

I also greatly enjoyed the talks by Ramon Huidobro and James Kiesel. Once those videos are up, I'll post links to those as well.

Turin is a beautiful city. I look forward to going back sometime.

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